About Course Pilot Financial

Course Pilot Financial LLC is a registered investment advisor founded by Mike Langford in 2006. As a veteran of the financial services industry, Mike saw the need to create a firm that would serve the needs of people who are in the process of accumulating wealth.

Our Approach

At Course Pilot we approach every client relationship as a lifelong partnership.

Your life and your investments should be a dynamically matched set, with you and your financial advisor as its management team, talking, discussing options, making adjustments as need be.

We believe that your financial resources are powerful tools in your pursuit of happiness. As with any tool, your finances are only effective when managed appropriately for the desired results.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your finances requires a process that is designed to discover your life goals and manage your resources for their achievement.

We use an advising process that is ongoing and based wholly on your life and dreams.

Investment Philosophy

What is most important to you? Everything we do is based on your answers to that question.

There are three guiding principles to our investment philosophy:

  1. The reason you invest is to achieve your life goals. As your advisor, we create value by creating a strategy that gives you the confidence that your goals will be achieved.
  2. Investing should avoid unnecessary compromises to your current lifestyle. Planning for the future is important but care should be taken to limit sacrifices to your life. We believe your life should be enjoyed.
  3. Risk should be minimized. It is wildly held that with risk comes reward. This assumption must be kept in check however, as we define risk as the chance that you will come up short of your life goals. We take great care to ensure that needless risks are avoided.